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Fierce Ghost Shelter System

Started by James S. Beyer, 2022/08/14 08:32PM
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Fierce Ghost Shelter System
#1   2022/08/14 08:32PM
James S. Beyer
The court was dark all around the plaque on the top lit up in an instant and the four big characters hanging high in the mirror flashed a touch of golden light In the court the yamen runner changed It is no longer a yamen runner with unclear facial features With the wind blowing on his face the yamen runner beside him has become a black and white impermanence a bull's head and a horse's face a yaksha Raksha and a day and night tour Miso-miso-miso- The x56 line pipe sound of metal friction sounded and three guillotine knives were lifted across the middle of the two sides General Huang Ji was stopped by the Yaksha Raksha and the day tour and night tour He pressed it on the dog's head and cut off his head with a knife The bull's head and the horse's face blocked the three broken amulets and froze in place The black and white impermanence cheek could not see clearly and he said with a sly smile "Who is in the hall It humiliates me to judge the majesty of the hall but I am impatient to live!" Yin God appeared here has been unable to tell whether it is true or false can not tell whether the Yin God is in the mirage or the judge of Taoism summoned out Wu Xiong and Chu Dao one person sitting behind the seven lights one hand twirling amulet looking at Cui Wuming sitting high in the hall it seems a little difficult to say Brothers are you still going on Two people see the middle three guillotine some weak

After a long confrontation Wu Xiongcai said "Younger Martial Brother Cui don't you remember that your order to kill was given to your disciples" Cui Wuming said "Cui is ill I'm afraid I can't deal with the two brothers so I got it back temporarily" The order to kill has been taken out but how to fight If you fight again you will really tear your face and it will hurt your muscles and bones Chu Dao looked at Wu Xiong Wu Xiong negative hand helpless smile "If the tube dry son for the natural embryo pen can continue to play" Otherwise I don't have enough paper on my body and I can't draw fast enough Just this year you won Fighting with people after all is not the strength of Fu Zong and Candle Zong The mirage collapsed Cui Wuming still stood where he was He smiled wearily and said "The two Elder Martial Brotherthers have made concessions The victory is not military" Cui Wuming also saw that two people did not show real ability otherwise they would not win so easily to put it bluntly everyone took the opportunity to let the judge come back Cui Wuming sat at the table tea is still a little hot a cup down a warm stomach Chu Dao and Wu Xiong also sat next to The atmosphere that had just been at daggers drawn eased in an instant and Chu Qianxun and Wang Gan who were peeking looked at each other and saw a ghost Have you found a way to renew your life over the years "I found it" Cui Wuming pulled out a hexagram from his embroidered robe It was given by the master and I took good care of it With it I can take away the seal of the heavenly oracle that accompanies the heavenly dog Wu Xiong and Chu Dao were all tight Is this the way you keep your life Cui Wuming said "Don't worry the contemporary black dog is growing too fast and Cui can't find a chance to attack it" I heard that there are also life seals abroad I wonder if Cui is lucky enough to see them Chapter 798 afraid you bite back [second watch] In the evening the old street of Baihu Town the Ghost Hunting Inn Little master that's it It's been two months and I don't know what's wrong with it

Those guys come to my dream at night shouting beside me and eating my quilt I'm not afraid but I'm very annoyed My work my rest is not good and I have no strength A greasy uncle who seemed to have dressed up carefully sat in front of Qin Kun in a suit with a shy stomach and a bitter face x52 line pipe drinking tea feeling that the tea was not bad and chewing it together by the way This uncle is the guest who comes to the door today He is a butcher in the slaughterhouse The equipment in the slaughterhouse is not advanced and most of the work still needs to be done manually This is also a continuous line of craftsmanship He kills countless pigs and sheep every day Only two months ago every night he would dream that the beast who had been killed would harass him which made him very depressed The uncle touched ten thousand yuan and put it on the table He put his hands together and prayed to Qin Kun "I also saw the psychologist He said that I had some kind of disorder I need twelve courses of treatment and recuperation I have to spend five yuan to buy medicine It's impossible" "I can afford the medicine but I still have an old mother and son to raise How can I stop work" After listening to the uncle's words Qin Kun was speechless Since ancient times the butcher's evil spirit is heavy and ghosts and gods are invulnerable Did he kill the pig king by mistake And met with animal revenge "Here's the deal" Qin Kun accepted 3000 and the rest went back "I'll show you the way You go to the City God Temple and kowtow three times under the statue of the ox head military officer Please respect the statue of the ox head and go home Incense is offered every day" "Huh" Will this work The greasy uncle blinked his eyes

"Black and white travel thousands of troops to avoid cattle and horses x60 line pipe meet thousands of animals cry" Niu Tou Ma Mian is originally used to deal with beasts and ghosts It's not a big problem A week later if there are still nightmares I will return the money to you intact Although the greasy uncle looks simple and honest he is not stupid He waved his head and said "Don't!"! Little master you look down on me I came here because I believe you I heard from my friends that you are effective here As long as I can sleep soundly 3 is no problem! When Qin Kun returned the money the greasy uncle resolutely refused to accept it He bowed to Qin Kun with folded hands and said "Please little master I'll do what you say" Okay The world is so wonderful there are those who do not believe in ghosts and gods there are those who believe in ghosts and gods The butchers in these slaughterhouses believe this Since ancient times butchers do not belong to low-income groups Although they are sloppy they have plenty of money

This time no matter whether the method given by Qin Kun is effective or not the greasy uncle will never save money Maybe this relationship can be used in the future The other side walks free and easy Qin Kun shakes his head helplessly divides the money into three parts looks at Wang Gan and Chu Qianxun What happened to you two tonight It's wilting Just a Tomb Sweeping Festival two people have become this will not be so sad right Wang Gan smiled shyly and said "Nothing" Fat people are more thieves generally can not see anything on their faces young ladies are more upright melancholy written on their faces overflowing with words Qin Kun made a cup of honey black tea for Chu Qianxun "What's the matter young lady" He asked Did you see someone or a ghost today Worried like this Chu Qianxun was stunned Seeing Qin Kun's gallantry he gave Qin Kun a white look "I've seen acquaintances two!" Two "Who" Wu Xiong Cui Wuming and Chu Dao did not order Chu Qianxun not to speak out Chu Qianxun opened his mouth and said "Fatty his master and the head of the family" Uh Qin Kun slightly stunned Wu Banxian came back Also Old Cui "What are they doing in the river" When Qin Kun spoke he looked at Wang Gan

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