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Beihai Park Beijing Travel

Started by Evaliang, 2014/08/28 11:29PM
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Beihai Park Beijing Travel
#1   2014/08/28 11:29PM
Beihai Recreation place is said to be designed according to a conventional China tale. China travel

The tale is that once upon a moment there were three miracle mountains known as 'Penglai', 'Yingzhou' and 'Fangzhang' situated to the southern of Bohai Bay (to the southern of China). Gods in those mountains had a type of natural medication which would help individuals obtain growing old.

Consequently, many emperors in the feudal age of China suppliers regularly desired those mountains. For example, Emperor Qin Shihuang, the first emperor of the Qin Empire (221 - 206 B.C.), desired to stay an everlasting lifestyle and had sent individuals to look for the miracle mountains but they unsuccessful. Then at his structure, he dug a huge share and accumulated three world mountains in it to mimic the conditions described in the tale. Emperor Wudi, the fifth emperor of the European Han Empire (202 B.C. - 8 A.D.) did identical factors.More China tour information From Chinatour : China Panda Tours
Actually, Beihai Recreation place was originally designed in the Liao Empire (916 - 1125) and was fixed and renewed in the following dynasties such as Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing (1115 - 1911).The imperial judge of the Liao Empire a short-term structure is on the website of existing Beihai Recreation place in the Tenth millennium. During the following Jin Empire a pond was dug. The excavated world was stacked to create a hill. Around the river and on the hill palatial places, passages and pavilions were constructed. The imperial judge of the Yuan Empire which came after the Jin extended Jionghua Islet in the river and created it the middle of its investment Dadu Town. During the Ming Empire five pavilions linked with zig-zag connects were designed in the northwestern aspect of the river. During the area of Emperor Qian Lengthy Beijing tour (1736-1796) a large-scale venture was taken on over 30 decades, creating the structure a huge imperial lawn. Beihai Recreation place is consisting of Tuancheng (Circulate City), Jionghua Islet, Eastern Coast Picturesque Area and Northwestern Coast Picturesque Area, with Jionghua Islet as the middle. The little isle is linked with other areas by a rock link and boat vessels.
It was considered that different mountain-water mixtures in historical China structure led to completely different results. So from then on, almost every emperor during the being successful dynasties would develop a elegant lawn with one-pool-with-three-hills' structure as a fairyland near his structure. Beihai Recreation place was absolutely designed after this conventional style:China tour packages the h2o of Beihai (North Sea) with Zhong Nan Hai (Central and Southern Seas) is the Taiye Pool; the Jade massage beds Lavish (Qionghua) Islet, the isle of the Round Town and the Xishantai Island signify the three miracle mountains.

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