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Best Mouse Trap

Started by upamfva, 2022/12/21 02:17AM
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Best Mouse Trap
#1   2022/12/21 02:17AM
Best Mouse Trap

If you ask a handful of people their opinion of the best mouse trap, chances are you would get a variety of different answers.To get more news about Mouse Glue Trap, you can visit official website.

Having an affordable trap is nice because after one or two uses you can just throw them away and go buy a new one if they get dirty.
A strong powerful kill bar held back by a trigger that doesn't take much for it to go off.

Several years ago I switched from using the old fashioned Victor snap traps to the Tomcat reusable mouse traps.

Although they are similar is design, the Tomcat reusable mouse traps are plastic and they can be easily set by just squeezing the back of the trap.

No more snapped fingers, no more anxiety over setting the trap, just a quality trap that works great!The house was great however, after sitting vacant for about a year the garage and basement had a definite mouse problem.

Being a new homeowner I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional exterminator so I began my quest to exterminate every mouse inside my home.I ended up catching 18 mice in just a short period of time, plus 1 flying squirrel that somehow entered the house.

Unlike the basic wooden snap traps which either require you to pry the kill bar from the dead mouse or throw away the entire trap, you can release a mouse from the plastic version by just squeezing the back of the trap.

The traps come with a pre-scented bait paddle which does not require baiting, however, I've found smearing a thin layer of peanut butter on the bait paddle works the best.

It not only has a pungent smell that mice can't resist, it also sticks really well to the trap which helps prevent a mouse from stealing the bait without setting the trap off.

Place the set trap along a wall or near an area where you have observed mouse activity or mice droppings.

Let's face it, mice are both a nuisance and a destructive pest that can ruin clothing, heirlooms, food and just about anything else they can access.

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