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The Ancient Secrets of Japanese Beauty

Started by upamfva, 2022/10/13 01:14AM
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The Ancient Secrets of Japanese Beauty
#1   2022/10/13 01:14AM
The Ancient Secrets of Japanese Beauty

The ever-youthful beauty of Japanese women has been a point of secret jealousy among many women in Western societies. It seems that women in Japan have the ability to stay ageless and look 30 even in their 60s, as their porcelain skin stays smooth and flawless, and their hair lustrous and voluminous.To get more news about 一级欧美一级日韩片, you can visit our official website.

The secret to their success in defying time is indeed ancient, but actually very simple — the combination of the right healthy diet and regular care based on natural ingredients throughout hundreds of generations! It has been recently proven that benefits of healthy life can be passed on from parents to children and even to their grandchildren, so it is no surprise that the nation that meticulously sustained such healthy lifestyle would be one of the fortunate ones to defy aging as much as it could be possible.
And apart from gaining beautiful skin and hair, you could also improve your overall health and well-being. The main principle is very simple — all natural ingredients as for the diet, as well for the beauty care. In ancient Japan it was believed that what you cannot eat, you should not use on your skin, and it seems only right!

First, and maybe most important Japanese beauty tip — healthy diet! Japanese cuisine is very rich in fish and vegetables, providing essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and it is low in meat, bread and sugary foods. If the organism is receiving all the necessary components, it will function flawlessly and lead to very healthy looks and slow aging.

Furthermore, Japanese main drink is green tea, mostly in the rich form of matcha (that we talked about in one of our previous posts) which contains many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents among many other benefits.

Drinking just 2–3 cups a day of good green tea should make your skin look more healthy, youthful and spotless…

Another imperative tip for health and beauty of Japanese ladies — regular and long hot baths, that are still often taken in beautiful natural hot springs, called onsen. It will not only cleanse the skin, but will also relax all the muscle tension and help the circulation and regenerative processes.

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