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Life Don't Have to Be So Hard Lyrics

"Life Don't Have to Be So Hard"

Don't want to read the paper or turn on the news
Don't want another helpin' of the same old blues
Don't want to call nobody or answer the phone
What I want is everybody to leave us alone
Let us sit down in the porch swing sip a little ice tea
Play with the kids in the yard
It's time to get lazy had enough crazy
Life ain't gotta be so hard oh life don't have to be so hard

Want to stop and smell the roses I don't want to run
Want to catch up on the talkin' that we haven't done
The only big decision that I wanna make
Is do we take this conversation down to the lake
Or do we sit down in the porch swing...

More time with you less time for worry more slowing down less in a hurry
So we can sit down in the porch swing...
[ guitar - dobro ]

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