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Sanctus Real Songs Listing

Complete Songs Listing

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1. Everything About You Fight The Tide    
2. The Fight Song Fight The Tide    
3. Alone Fight The Tide    
4. Things Like You Fight The Tide    
5. Closer Fight The Tide    
6. Change Me Fight The Tide    
7. The Show Fight The Tide    
8. Message Fight The Tide    
9. Deeds Fight The Tide    
10. You Can't Hide Fight The Tide    
11. Where Will They Go Fight The Tide    
12. Say Goodbye Fight The Tide    
13. Everything About You (Alternate Version) Fight The Tide    
14. Sink Or Swim Say It Loud    
15. Captain's Chair Say It Loud    
16. Say It Loud Say It Loud    
17. Hey Wait Say It Loud    
18. Inspiration Say It Loud    
19. Audience of One Say It Loud    
20. The Way I Feel Say It Loud    
21. I Love You Say It Loud    
22. All I Want Say It Loud    
23. Nothing To Lose Say It Loud    
24. Won't Walk Away Say It Loud    
25. After Today Say It Loud    
26. I'm Not Alright The Face of Love    
27. Eloquent The Face of Love    
28. Fly The Face of Love    
29. The Face of Love The Face of Love download  
30. Don't Give Up The Face of Love download  
31. We're Trying The Face of Love    
32. Thank You The Face of Love    
33. Magnetic The Face of Love    
34. Possibilities The Face of Love download  
35. Where We Belong The Face of Love    
36. Benjamin The Face of Love    
37. Turn On The Lights We Need Each Other download  
38. We Need Each Other We Need Each Other download  
39. Black Coal We Need Each Other    
40. Whatever You're Doing (Something Heavenly) We Need Each Other download  

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