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American Dreamer Lyrics

"American Dreamer"

I know a woman
Her husband died and he left her with two little children
So she went back to school and she got a degree in business
Yeah, now she owns one
And she taught those kids you can do anything
With the heart of a true believer
Yeah, shes an American dreamer

And Ive got a woman
And she waits for me with the light on cause she knows Im coming
And she talks about babies and building a house in the country
Yeah, where its sunny
And shes got faith that can do anything
But shell never know how much I need her
Yeah, shes an American Dreamer

Back in the sixties, well Haggards in prison
Hes thinking about writing a tune
And a guy named Armstrong was crazy enough
To think he could walk on the moon
And a preacher named King, well he had a dream
He believed we could all live as one

And a soldier somewhere is praying for peace
While hes cleaning his gun
American dreamers

And I had a father; he said son if something aint real
Then you dont even bother
And he wasnt a saint
But, Id swear the man walked on water
Yeah and he taught me
I aint just a long-legged hell-raising
Son of a pipelining, honky-tonk singer
Yeah, Im an American dreamer
Im an American dreamer

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