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Ling Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

Started by Gary M. Wigington, 2022/08/14 08:14PM
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Ling Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise
#1   2022/08/14 08:14PM
Gary M. Wigington
Ling Duyu looked at Shen Ling as he read the newspaper on the desk and said "Compared with human evolution everything has become a trivial matter" Shen Ling asked casually "Is Shi Sazun looking for you" Ling Duyu shrugged his shoulders and said "Maybe I'm sorry!"! Eh What's the matter I saw Shen Ling tiger body a shock staring at an advertisement in the newspaper Ling Duyu went up and read it carefully but at the same time he turned pale The advertisement took up a quarter of the page of the newspaper and there were only a few simple words just like a letter It reads Notice of missing person The person I saw at the dance the night plastic bottle making machine before last I knew it was you and I knew that your avoidance broke my heart Please contact immediately when you see the word To Du Yu Daoxiang There's a contact number at the bottom "Who's looking for you" Asked Shen Ling Ling Duyu's face was very dignified and when he was about to reach out and grab the phone the phone rang first Ling Duyu pressed the intercom instead and said "Who"

After a long silence Jicui's deep and melodious voice sounded "Has this line been tampered with" Ling Duyu breathed a sigh of relief pointed to the phone number left by Hetian Daoxiang in the newspaper and took Shen Ling to contact him Shen Ling was ordered to go to the study to make a phone call on another line Ling Duyu replied "I promise not Don't worry" "I've got some idea where he is" said Jicui "I just don't know what your intentions are" Ling Duyu said lightly "How do I know this is not a trap Last night when I shot Pang Du I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head" At that time Pondo was knocked out of his mind by me and I only had Sharon beside me Jitree is alone and she has this ability "If the doctor is in my position should I doubt her" Jicui sighed and said "I did it because I wanted to capture him alive" But if you hadn't told me that he could absorb moon energy without magic stones I would never have stopped him from killing him But now I've changed my mind As each day passes it becomes more and more difficult to subdue him so I can assure you that this will not happen again Please forgive me Ling Duyu had a good feeling and said in a deep voice "Why can you find Pang Du" "I really don't want to answer your question but I know that if I can't get your trust I can't cooperate" Jicui said with a little embarrassment Alas! Ling Duyu glared at the door of the study room wondering why Shen Ling still didn't come out to signal "Time is precious" he said impatiently "Don't hesitate okay" Jicui said softly "Alibaijia is my lover I've been hiding this from Pondo I saw him last night and did something to him" When Ling Duyu was secretly pleased Shen Ling pushed the door and went out with a dignified look and a gesture of "big event is not good" Ling Duyu's heart sank and he said

"The situation has changed Please wait for my call" Shen Ling said "No one answered the phone I knew something was wrong so I informed Jin Tong and found out that the address of the phone was the rich man Philip" PET bottle Mold Locke is in a mansion in Manhattan When he arrives the maid and two bodyguards are in a coma while Hetian Daoxiang is missing Pondo this bastard must have a habit of turning over the papers as soon as he wakes up Ling Duyu punched the wall hard When success is in sight Pondo suddenly grasps his weakness and completely disrupts his position As soon as Zhuo Chuyuan came down from upstairs she said in horror "What happened" "Bell!" The three men's eyes fell on the telephone on the dining table at the same time Ling Duyu pressed the intercom Ling Duyu! It's me! Wo Tian Dao Xiang Don't come "" Shen Ling helplessly opened her hands to Ling Duyu Zhuo Chuyuan came to her senses and walked over to take Ling Duyu's arm "Who is she" She asked doubtfully Ling Duyu stared at the phone and said in a deep voice "Pang Du!"! If you dare to behave to her you will never get back to the magic stone Pondo's abhorrent voice rang out over the small speaker of the phone "Are you finally willing to trade" The Dragon Eagle is' " Ling Duyu replied calmly and said lightly "There is nothing that cannot be traded but you can only take it from me personally Let's go one-on-one I won't accept any other conditions" How's that My old friend When Zhuo Chuyuan saw Ling Duyu's heroic spirit her heart trembled and she could not regenerate half a trace of jealousy Shen Ling showed her thumb fiercely to show her appreciation

Pang Du said coldly "It's rare for Brother Ling to appreciate me so much but I'm so disrespectful" Seven days later when the moon is full we will meet at Hell Gap but you can only come alone and I will wait for you there with your Japanese lover Don't worry I'll take good care of her Let's be an old friend! Ha Amid wild laughter the phone hung up Ling Duyu's eyes shot out an unprecedented electric awn and flatly said "Find Jicui immediately PET blow moulding machine and at the same time call the'Wind Eagle 'to take Marchman away" I don't care what means she uses but I want to tell me all the things he knows Zhuo Chuyuan and Shen Ling looked at each other Only then did I know that Ling Duyu was really angry Pondo is so mean ※※※ The plane landed at a military airport on the northern outskirts of Tel Aviv Ji Cui Ling Duyu Shen Ling Zhuo Chuyuan Li Cha and Jin Tong filed out of the open cabin door Xia Neng went up to meet her After staring at the expressionless Ji Cui he walked between Ling Duyu and Shen Ling and said

"There's no news of Alibaijia yet Do you really want to rely on that witch" It's as dangerous as playing wrestling with a beast Shen Ling said with a wry smile "Do you have a better proposal than wrestling" Arriving at the waiting helicopter Ling Duyu stood still and said coldly "Dr Jicui where should we start searching" Ji Cui said lightly "The effective sensing range of my tracker is five miles If we try our luck everywhere like looking for a needle in a haystack we may not be able to find their shadow until today next year" Zhuo Chuyuan couldn't help breathing "Even if you hand over the tracker you are not afraid that we will kick you away" Because without you we would lose a lot of excitement and adventure Shen Ling did not allow Ji Cui to retort and said calmly "Excuse me Doctor if you don't use your tracker is there any way to find Pang Du" 。

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