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New World Glitch Causes Player to Slide Across the...

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New World Glitch Causes Player to Slide Across the Map At Insane Speed

Started by upamfva, 2021/10/31 11:53PM
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New World Glitch Causes Player to Slide Across the Map At Insane Speed
#1   2021/10/31 11:53PM
New World Glitch Causes Player to Slide Across the Map At Insane Speed

After its launch at the end of September, New World has been a bonafide hit for Amazon. The game rose quickly in popularity thanks in large part to word of mouth and being featured on platforms like Twitch, helping New World climb the top of the Steam charts. The success even prompted Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to comment, stating how proud he is of the company's persistence even with all of the previous setbacks like the hero shooter Crucible.To get more news about [url= new world gold[/url], you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Even with all of its popularity, New World hasn't been a flawless experience. It suffered plenty of server related issues during the first few days of launch, placing players in massive queues as the servers strained to contain the population surge. Currently, the game is experiencing a in-game economy issue due in large part to a gold duplication glitch, which Amazon is currently banning New World players for utilizing. While not nearly as bad, one player manages to highlight a very strange movement based glitch.
On the New World subReddit, a player known as MGFilthy posted a very short video of their character moving around a zone known as Hecker's Haven. However, instead of a normal running animation, the chracter appears to be sliding along the ground in a stance that would suggest they were about to swing their great axe at an enemy. With their front leg twitching, the character is absolutely zooming across the beach as speeds much faster than the normal running animations.

The comments section lit up as fans found the video to be hilariously entertaining and spawned plenty of Great Axe weapon memes. Others confirmed the New World glitch, having experienced it themselves though were unable to replicate it. A few people seemed to have knowledge on how it can happen, with one saying that when swapping into a different instance while performing a movement ability like a dodgeroll while being on uneven ground can trigger this glitch. Ultimately, it seems to be pretty situational.

Movement has been a topic of discussion for the New World community and its large map called Aeternum. From the start, Amazon has made it clear that New World would not have mounts similar to other MMOs like World of Warcraft, leaving fans with only two options to traversing the landscape. Naturally, running from destination to destination, while not ideal in all instances, is the most basic way to get around, though New World does allow players to fast travel provided they have checked in at a town's Inn. While players won't be riding any machines or creatures anytime soon, the debate over mounts is surely going to continue.

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