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Started by wangqing, 2018/03/08 10:33PM
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#1   2018/03/08 10:33PM
What a busy day! Mary has to deal with the endless emails http:... , the rush. And it literally makes us sick. It causes a rush of activity, a drain on your energy, a pull on your attention, until you don?t have the energy to pay attention or take action any more. It may be a little bit exaggerated, but it may not a story that will never happen.

To find the balance between work and life is not an easy task. But try to do it will help you prepare to handle things that you are facing or you are going to encounter. To find the balance will help you to work effectively and live a better life. Why bother try? It is pretty easy. Maybe all you have to do is ? to take a break.

I?m not asking you to ask for a 7-day-holiday. On the contrary, I?m talking about take a pause from your current work. Take a minute out of your busy day, and pause in the middle of all you have to do, all things that go on around you. Close your eyes and sit still.

You don?t have to think anything but paying attention to your breath as you breathe in and breathe out.

It can calm us. And give us a space to hear our own voice and catch our breath. And as we are calming down, our world, and people around us will affect others to calm and still.

Our emotions can affect others, and so do others? emotions. When we rush and set a frenetic pace, it stresses others and inspires them to rush frenetically too. Similarly, our stillness will also affect others. The difference between rush and stillness is that stillness slows the world down [url=]http... , allows us to focus, and gives us time for contemplation for what we matters most.

Get up a little earlier in the morning to sit still when the world is still fairly quiet. Don?t do anything. You are clear that you have a routine for all the stuffs ?you don?t have to change the routine. Don?t plan your day, don?t check emails, don?t eat -you have time for them as before. All you have to do is sit, and learn to be comfortable being still.

But if you don?t think morning is a good time because you cannot help making schedules or eating something before you go to work, find another time such as the time during your lunch breaks, or after work, or just before you go to bed.

Find the stillness of your heart whenever you think you need it ?when you first start your workday, when you are ready to sit down and create, when you?re about to eat, when you are ready to exercise, or even during a meeting. To make the calm radiate like a soothing force, to help you find the balance between work and life.

?Well.? Mary turns her gaze from the picture she took from the holidays [url=]htt... , says energetically, ?Let?s get down to work now!?
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