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your appearance Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Hats

Started by Zhang Wen, 2018/02/24 04:29AM
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your appearance Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Hats
#1   2018/02/24 04:29AM
Zhang Wen
New Era Hats has always been a necessary tools for you

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When I sit and think about where we once were as a nation and where we are now, I’m terrified to think about where we’ll be in ten years. Our homeland is crumbling into powder and with each day we are disintegrating into oblivion. I’m angry; I’m sad and worst of all, when I think about my daughters I feel helpless. I find myself grasping for any news that can ease my mind. I’ve even resorted to listening to news anchors that can hardly chew gum and walk without falling flat on their faces for signs of economic relief. Am I the only one or have we all been tugged down into the mud with the level of expectations we have for our political leaders?

After Clinton I was willing to accept a sex crazed, necromaniac , after Bush Customized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey , I was ready to vote for mumbling, mind dwarfs and after Obama our national standards will be accepting of a foreign born, sex addict with a third grade education that speaks Taushiro. Where did it all go wrong? Like the Romans we’ve suffocated beneath the arrogance of our own success but I must beg the question ‘Is there anyone that is qualified and willing to help?’ Is there anyone that can step in to this hurricane of shattered glass and razorblades, willing to put it all on the line and sacrifice the nature of pride, greed and corruption to get this country back to prosperity?

We need another JP Morgan minus the corruption, we need another Eleuthre Irne du Pont that will pinpoint unchartered strengths an launch the United States back to the forefront of powers but Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys , even more we need the leadership of Andrew Jackson with the unstoppable motivation of Napoleon before the desert disasters and the natural instincts of Irish freedom fighter Michael Collins.

We must gather a small, tight knit group of leaders that burn with conviction that have a track record of domination, patriotism and the ability to rip influence and control from the grasp of the corrupt and focus like lasers on reclaiming this devastated land. I propose an overhaul on Washington’s institutional powerbase: Microsoft narcissist and monopoly mastermind Bill Gates as President, the oracle of Omaha himself Warren Buffet to be head of treasury and leading the charge on shutting down the Federal Reserve, Princeton Corporate Solutions’ strategies god among men, James Scott to work his PSYOPS and subliminal economics on the minds of the populace while turning around our nation’s economy and I say we build a time machine to bring back Caligula and Attila The Hun to run our prison population.

Our school system would be turned into the largest Montessori network in history and in a short amount of time the fathers of the American revolution would be grinning ear to ear as we hand our children a country that is once again worth fighting for.

Moral Hazard Clayton Fejedelem Limited Jersey , in free marketsRon Paul lives!

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