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If I Don't Make It Back Lyrics

"If I Don't Make It Back"

We went out for beers and a couple laughs
Knowing full well that every bad joke that Jimmy told, might be his last
So we laughed like the world wasn't at war
Said things to him we'd never said before
And he teared up as he held up his glass
He said, boys if i dont make it back-

Have a beer for me
Don't waste no tears on me
On Friday night sit on the visitors side and cheer for the home team
Drive my camaro
90 miles an hour down red rock road
with born to run blasting on the radio
And find someone good enough for Amy,
who will love her like I would have
If I don't make it back

We said hey man now that ain't gonna happen,
don't even think like that
We know you, you'll pull through without a scratch
He pulled me aside in the parking lot,
said Amy and me we're gonna tie the knot,
you're my best man, just wanted you to know that
Just in case I don't make it back


If the good Lord calls me home I'd like to think my friends will think about me when i'm gone
Well Miller Light ain't my brand,
but I drink one every now and then in his honor
And we ain't missed a home game yet
Had that camaro at 110 on red rock road when the speakers blow
And I introduced Amy to a friend of mine from Monroe,
he's a good old boy
But you know, she just ain't ready

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