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The Questionnaire Lyrics

"The Questionnaire"

Vogue magazine, empty coffee cup
Out of curiosity I picked it up
Said ‘Does he still love you?’
Turn to page 123
That’s when I realized she left it there for me

Question number one,
does he still kiss you good night?
Number two is if he does,
Does he still close his eyes?
Three, does he still call you
Just to hear your voice?
Or would he be home right now
If he had a choice?

Five’s a little tricky,
Do you think he’s being true?
‘Cause you’re either halfway finished,
Or you’re over halfway through
Six said ‘Do you ever cry
When you’re all by yourself?’
Seven, do you think he’d change
If he knew how you felt?

I skipped down to ten to see
What she had written there
It said ‘Do you sill love him?’
Damn, that questionnaire.

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