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I Hit the Ground Crawlin' Lyrics

"I Hit the Ground Crawlin'"

It's true I lied I cheated and the truth is that ain't all
While you were thinking of me I was busy thinking of myself
I never gave and I took all I needed running wild until you walked
And since you left if you're wondering where I fell
Well I hit the ground crawlin' I heard your memory callin'
And I can see from the bottom of this bottle I'm clinging to
That the reason you're long gone is that I treated you so wrong
But I hit the ground crawlin' right back to you
[ guitar ]
To get us back together I'll cry I'll beg I'll bend
I swear I've learned my lesson darling don't give up on me
Cause the nights go on forever will the heartache ever end
Can't stand to live without you I'm begging on bended knees
Cause I hit the ground crawlin'...
Yeah I hit the ground crawlin' right back to you

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