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Something to Me Lyrics

"Something to Me"

The song I love the bestís the one my father taught to me,
The kindness of a stranger is dust from an unseen wing,
But an old friend at my table is by far the finest thing
This tired mile could give to me.
The colors of the man I love are deepest blue and green,
And it isnít very often that I say just what I mean,
Cause the feeling seems to scatter and these words fall in between.
For what I miss Iíll just tell you this,

Itís something to me.
Itís something to me.
I donít know what it comes to and itís not so much to see,
But you take tomorrow so long as you know
Itís something to me,
Itís something to me.

Well, the city comes to greet me with her secrets all lit up,
Beauty is letting your guard down all the way in hands you trust,
But thereís a time you hold your head up, say it doesnít hurt so much,
Keep all your tears where no one can see.
Gentle is the road within me and itís gently I depart,
Cause these well-worn threads of daylight will sometimes come apart,
Giving way to all the shadows where no one can hear your heart,
So down in the dark, if thatís where you are,

Itís something to me.

Now the tender hands of morning have given up a new sunrise,
And we all get up together in our ordinary lives,
Going one step for another giving up has crossed my mind,
But Iíll take a long day, come round the right way.

Itís something to me.

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