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Don Rich & The Buckaroos Biography

Don Rich & The Buckaroos Biography

 The Buckaroos were a Grammy-winning backup band for lead artists Don Rich and Buck Owens in the 1960s and 70's, who were heavily involved in Owens' development and presentation of the "Bakersfield Sound". The members included early sidemen Wayne "Moose" Stone, Jay McDonald, Ken Presley and Merle Haggard along with Doyle Holly, Don Rich, Tom Brumley Willie Cantu and JD Maness. Other noted members before Don Rich's death include Jerry Wiggins, Jim Shaw, Doyle Singer, and Jerry Brightman. Jana Jae became the first female member after being invited onstage with Buck Owens to play "Orange Blossom Special". These later members performed on Hee Haw. Haggard, who worked a short time with Owens in 1962, suggested the name "Buckaroos." Known for their signature red, white and blue colored guitars and fiddles, The Buckaroos were only the second country band to appear at Carnegie Hall in New York City, a recording of this concert was released as Carnegie Hall Concert. They recorded live LPs in London, Norway, Australia, Las Vegas and New York City and New Zealand. The Buckaroos had 6 albums, as well as 3 singles, all of which were chart topping records - the BUCKAROO instrumental album was a #1 record, which helped them cross over into the pop charts. They won a number of awards, including Grammys and CMAs (Country Music Awards). They were voted #1 band for five consecutive years 1967-1971 by the Country Music Awards, and members are honored in the Country Music Hall of Fame. CMT named the Buckaroos the #2 country music band in the all-time top 40. Doyle Holly received the award for "Bass Player of the Year" from the Country and Western Music Awards as a member of the Buckaroos in 1970. He left the group to pursue a solo career, in which he released 2 records, both top 20 hits. He is also honored in the Country Music Hall of Fame as a solo artist.

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